Frugal MacDoogal Single Barrels & Seasonal Wines

As downtown Nashville's favorite liquor warehouse since 1983, Frugal MacDoogal offers our single barrel store selections and seasonal wines online. Our store picks are highly sought after, always delicious and never boring. And, our wine team is as good as it gets, with can't-miss favorites and recommendations. Just what you've come to expect from us!



Our new online single barrel and seasonal wine store is quick and easy to use. We'll have your purchase ready to go when you come to pick it up. All pick ups are at the register nearest the door when you enter - the register to your left when facing our registers. Just have your email receipt and valid ID ready to show when you arrive to pick it up. Sending a friend to pick up for you, no problem. Just make sure your friend has a copy of your receipt and a valid ID. We'll scan your order, and you'll be on your way!

Wes Painter and his team at Frugal have selected some of the hottest single barrels in Nashville this year! Frugal's store picks never miss!

S. Hubbard

Frugal's store pick bourbons this year have included a little something for everyone. Their single barrel rums are incredible too!

J. Wadsworth

As someone who has lived in Nashville for almost 30 years, I can say that Frugal MacDoogal has been a fine selector of great bourbons year after year. I rarely miss one of their barrel picks.

R. Hanover